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Important Information

As we continue into the holiday season, my primary focus will be to keep you and your family safe. I will continue to get tested regularly and ask that you abide by preventative measures during any face to face visits to keep both me and my family safe. I have created a variety of options to accommodate all events, but until further notice, all in-person bookings must follow social distancing protocol as set forth by the Center for Disease Control. Additionally, all adults in attendance must be masked for the duration of the visit (only applies to indoor events).

COVID - 19

-Maya Hernandez-Pearson, founder of My Fairytale Visits

Video calls are a completely safe alternative to face-to-face visits and are available to all interested parties.

I apologize for any inconvenience, but understand that the health and safety of my family and yours is of the utmost importance to me.

Areas of Service

We currently offer services in the following cities:

Dallas Area

Huntsville, TX

Houston, TX*

The Woodlands, TX*

Conroe, TX*

* = Bookings made in cities marked with a star will require an additional distance fee

Dallas Area Radius Map


This map indicates Dallas's areas that qualify as "local" and thus do not require an additional distance fee. The distance fee for those addresses outside of the radius will be calculated based on the amount of distance of the address from the base zipcode of 75214.

If you believe your visit qualifies for an exemption from the distance fee, please feel free to send us an email! We never want cost to be the issue that prevents you from booking a visit.

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